New from Lucky Thirteen Presents: Clockgirl

Issue number 1 of Clockgirl and the League of Useless Heroes is here and available at In this origin issue, Clockgirl assembles a brand new League of Heroes to face the dire threat of the perilous Popcorn Man!

In the movies, super powered heroes are gifted with amazing abilities. In reality, people get abilities all the time, but most aren’t really that impressive — or useful. For example, Clockgirl can freeze an object in time for maybe a few seconds. Her teammate, Rainbow, can manipulate and control colors. And A-Bomb? Well, his head is a high-grades explosive. It is probably good for one use. This humorous story of the league of (useless) heroes is about overcoming insurmountable odds while making the most of these un-extraordinary powers. Clockgirl is created by former Kubert School student and the creator of “Pineapple Street”, David Ayala.

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